Would you like to drive traffic to your website by creating a blog? Do you need search engine optimized content? Are you looking for someone to write your book or edit your mistakes?

With less than $5 you can hire a guy/girl to mix a bunch of words into an “article.” With less than $5 you can be the proud owner of a bunch of sentences.

But if you’re looking for more than that, if you’re looking for writing that moves people, inspires them, makes them want more and gets them flocking to your site, then stick around.

My name is Daniel Colisnicencu. As a professional writer, I know I can satisfy your content needs. Check out my About page for information on my background and my portfolio for a taste of my work.

“Impressive writing, super clean and highly conscious.

Send me a price Daniel.”

Heron, USA

 This is what I can do for you:

1. SEO (search engine optimized) articles of any length and on any topics. Most articles on the web today are around 500 words long. Larger articles will not necessarily help your marketing efforts in a significant way. Because they take longer to write, they also cost more.

2. SEO web content. Your web pages are made of this kind of text. By optimizing them for today’s search engines, they will drive more organic traffic to your website.

Once upon a time, an article could have a keyword density of 6% or more and get away with it. Such pages repeated keywords endlessly, annoying readers.

These days, search engines have improved. They prefer a themed approach, where the density is much lower (1% or less), and synonyms of the keyword are used throughout the text. Such an approach has the added benefit of making your content more enjoyable and easier to read.

At the end of your article/web content, I will supply a report on how well themed it is as well as the theme words and phrases used.


That was fast! I loved the articles. Will definitely want more.”

Arnost, Bulgary

3. E-book ghostwriting. Would you like your autobiography to be put on paper? Do you have a great book idea, but you don’t know how to write it? I can be your pen. You will be the sole benefactor of the e-book and it will have your name on it as author.

4. Proofreading and editing. If you have doubts about a piece of writing’s quality, you can send it my way for a final inspection. I will make the necessary adjustments to make sure it meets your needs.

“Hi Daniel,

I’ve been through the article in detail and it looks good. Really good. A proper English lesson!”

Dee, USA

5. Copywriting. Convincing your website’s visitors to subscribe or buy your products can be a difficult and time consuming task. By letting me do the hard work, you will save yourself countless hours and customers who would have otherwise been lost.

“The first calls came in just now. They loved your ad.”

Olivia, UK

 6. Web Design. My partners can build virtually any system somebody would want. Simply send in your request, and I will get you in touch.

The deadline for each project will be adjusted according to your needs.

For more information on the above services, please contact me; I usually respond within 24 hours.