Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

As the leader of your company, you cannot create your vision, upgrade your services and manage every little detail all at the same time.

Brian Tracy once said: There is some work only you can do which determines the future of your company. Focus on that and delegate everything else. You will soon find out the money you spend on outsourcing these menial tasks pales in comparison to the gains you make by focusing on your key results areas.

As the administrator and owner of Foresight Web Solutions, I have built my business around helping you build yours.

I can take off your hands tasks like:

Data Entry;

Lead Generation (From Keywords or by creating an Ideal Customer Profile);

Email Marketing;

Inbox Management;

Market Research and Surveys (ex. for measuring customer satisfaction).

I can even provide you with virtual assistants to perform your daily tasks, such as emailing, publishing posts and so on.

It is often we find ourselves cluttered with work that prevents us from getting to what’s really important. The company stops growing, and we run out of time for our family, friends or for managing our health.

You can’t do it all. Let us help you as we have helped us and hundreds of others. For more details, set up a free consultation or contact our staff through email/Skype.

“I have been working with Foresight Web Solutions for many months.  They provide me with optimized web content, blog posts and social media updates.  I have been looking for good writers to write in plain English for some time now, but they either claim to be able to competently write in English, yet it is clear that English isn’t even their second language, or they charge and arm and a leg for good content.

I like Foresight, and will continue to work with them, because they provide great content, as per my requirements, every time and at a reasonable price.  I highly recommend them for your writing projects.”
Rob, Canada