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Do we Need Relationships? How Relationships Affect our Lives

Do we need relationships? They are hard to maintain and easy to lose. We make friends on the fly while at work or at school and lose them just as rapidly when we leave the place which tied us together. Romantic relationships transcend this problem to a certain extent, though they too are vulnerable to conflicts of interest, arguments, falling outs and the like. Readmore..

Complaining: How it Works and Why you Don’t Need it

The average person complains about quite a few things, about the weather not suiting his taste, about the work place being too boring or stressful, about her mood being down, about him being tired, about the boyfriend/girlfriend being a pain, about her friends not understanding her. About quite a few things we complain each day, and each time we do it, we drain just a little bit more of our energy. Readmore..

12 Brain Experts Whose Names You Should Know

psychologyThe mind is the tool we use to achieve all our successes and unfortunate failures. The more we optimize it, the better results we get. Fortunately, there are people who’ve dedicated their entire adult lives to understanding our brains and are now giving away their knowledge for anyone to use.

Not taking advantage of this is a sacrilege to your potential. Readmore..

How to Recharge your Batteries Without Falling back into Procrastination

As an avid procrastinator in my early days, I would often use the excuse of “I’m tired” to give up on pushing myself. Often times, I’d decide to rest for a day to recharge my batteries only to end up spending a week or more wasting time pointlessly.

Fact of the matter is you rarely need more than a day to properly recover from fatigue Readmore..

Self Discipline and Time Management: What Makes Them Possible

Self discipline and time management are so linked together, some say the second is an expression of the first. Although they’re a topic nobody’s too fond of, you cannot deny the payoffs are immense.

Imagine what you could do if you always did the right thing. Imagine where you would be if the thousands of hours you’ve wasted on television shows and movies were redirected towards improving your skills, your family relations or your net income. Hundreds of books have been written on these subjects, even more articles, and I’d like to give my share here today. Readmore..