Sales Copies

“Sales Copy: Content designed to influence viewers to take a desired action”

Pages are the heart and soul of any website. They’re what keeps viewers engaged and converts them into clients.

Despite the effort you’ve put into your products/services, if your advertisements, landing pages and emails lack convincing power, nobody will buy them. Your clients will leave for something weaker just because it’s sold better.

Customers are looking for a company that is:

  • Trustworthy;
  • Skilled;
  • With their best interests in mind.

Our Foresight Web Solutions writers know this all too well, and are experts in conveying it in text. Together, we’ve accumulated more than a decade of experience in selling products and services. We’ve written sales copies for dozens of clients from dozens of fields, and we’d love to help you too.

To buy, new customers must love your company, love your product and love whoever among your staff is selling it. We can convey this for you in your landing pages, advertisements, emails and anywhere else you want. With your products and our copy writing, your company can finally take its seat as a leader in your market.

“I have been working with Foresight Web Solutions for many months.  They provide me with optimized web content, blog posts and social media updates.  I have been looking for good writers to write in plain English for some time now, but they either claim to be able to competently write in English, yet it is clear that English isn’t even their second language, or they charge and arm and a leg for good content.

I like Foresight, and will continue to work with them, because they provide great content, as per my requirements, every time and at a reasonable price.  I highly recommend them for your writing projects.”
Rob, Canada