Website Audit

What it is

A website audit is the process of reviewing your site to identify those details that are either keeping viewers from finding it or stopping them from converting, as well as recommending actions you can take to improve the situation. Basically, we discover and inform you of what can be adjusted to bring more visitors, more conversions and more sales.

Why you need one

I’m sure you’ve put in strenuous effort into bringing the best possible products and services to your customers. You’ve spent hours upon days thinking up ways in which you could improve your company, in which you could make it the best choice on the current market.

Yet, are you wondering why you don’t have quite as many clients as you think you should? How many people drop by your website each month, and how many of them open their digital wallets? Our team at Foresight Web Solutions can make a thorough inspection into this matter and find out what you’re missing.

You may have gone to the bitter end to identify factors in your website that are gluing your sales to a fixed figure. However, there is bound to be some loophole repelling viewers or stopping them from converting into clients.

Foresight Web Solutions can find these for you and create a complete marketing plan to unstick your income. With your top of the line products/services and our marketing genius, we can bring your sales to where you want them.

A Complete Website Audit Will Reveal:

1. Your site’s search engine optimization level in comparison to that of your primary competitor/s;

2. The quality of your pages and emails, and how you can improve them to increase conversions and sales;

3. Misplaced items and design flaws that are putting off customers and how you can adjust them.

Of course, you can choose just 1 of the above if the other 2 are handled and you wish to minimize expenses. To start improving your sales today with a professional audit, contact our team through email/Skype or request a free consultation.

“I have been working with Foresight Web Solutions for many months.  They provide me with optimized web content, blog posts and social media updates.  I have been looking for good writers to write in plain English for some time now, but they either claim to be able to competently write in English, yet it is clear that English isn’t even their second language, or they charge and arm and a leg for good content.

I like Foresight, and will continue to work with them, because they provide great content, as per my requirements, every time and at a reasonable price.  I highly recommend them for your writing projects.”
Rob, Canada