Why Us

‘You are a company in need of clients.’ 
Like all things in life, business does not stay the same. Your company is either going up or down, it’s either expanding or heading towards bankruptcy. Every day you do nothing, your competitors are growing larger, your market is shrinking and so are you.
You do not have the luxury to stay put. Brian Tracy estimated, in 2 years time, half of all your skills will be obsolete. If you stay the same, in 4 years, you’ll be out of business.

“I have been working with Daniel for over a year now. He’s always been very professional and his work is always of good quality.”

Samia, USA

How’s your Advertising?

How’re you getting new customers? Have you found a way that works and are sticking to it? What will you do when it doesn’t? If your entire earning ability relies on one strategy, and it doesn’t work anymore, then what?
I forgot who said to “never put your eggs in one basket,” but here’s what I recommend if you want to stay ahead:
1. Constantly grow your skills, your customer satisfaction, their numbers, your staff and your business in general. Everybody’s doing it, so you must at least keep up to stay afloat.
2. Diversify, and get more baskets. Find at least 3 ways to advertise your business, at least 3 ways to satisfy your customers, at least 3 products to satisfy them with.

“Hi Daniel,

I’ve been through the article in detail and it looks good. Really good. A proper English lesson!”

Dee, USA

Take Advantage of the Internet

There are more than 3 billion people online today. How much of this market are you tapping into? Every day, websites are being made, pages are being written and the competition is growing larger.
It’s easy to outrank a site with 7 pages, not so much once it’s a behemoth with 500. If you’re ever going to tap into the online market, you have to do it today. If you’re going to catch up to your competitors, do it today.
Every second you waste, a newcomer is building his brand, getting ahead, getting past you. Don’t be passive. Seize the opportunity right in front of you.

“The first calls came in just now. They loved your ad! Thanks!”

Olivia, UK

Let’s Talk

If you’re serious about your business, don’t wait for the internet to collapse. It’s not happening any time soon. Again, you are a company in need of clients, and most of them are online. Let’s find them.
For help with your online advertising, you can reach me 24/7 at danielcolisnicencu@growupproper.com